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Vibes and Vids was born out of my passion for storytelling, creativity and capturing moments that matter. With a photographer's keen eye and innate creative flair, I started Vibes and Vids to cater to the growing demand for cinematic wedding films that capture the essence of a couple's special day. Driven by a dedication to high quality and emotional resonance, the Vibes and Vids team leverages thoughtful narrative techniques, expert cinematography, and artful editing to produce captivating wedding videos that tell each couple's unique love story. Beyond weddings, we brings our stellar visual sense and knack for engaging an audience to creating stellar content for brands' digital marketing and social media. For heartfelt wedding videos that will be treasured for years and strategic online content that delivers measurable results, Vibes and Vids is the go-to studio for marrying creative vision with production excellence.


Tell the tale of a couple's magical union through intimate portraits and cinematic sequences that weave together laughter, tears, and dance into a visual ode to lifelong love. BOREHAM HOUSE CHELMSFORD

Varsha & Vibish


With a touch as light as a feather, they connect on the deepest level. Their bond is a quiet stream of unwavering support.