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Vibes and Vids was born out of my passion for storytelling, creativity and capturing moments that matter. With a photographer's keen eye and innate creative flair, I started Vibes and Vids to cater to the growing demand for cinematic wedding films that capture the essence of a couple's special day. Driven by a dedication to high quality and emotional resonance, the Vibes and Vids team leverages thoughtful narrative techniques, expert cinematography, and artful editing to produce captivating wedding videos that tell each couple's unique love story. Beyond weddings, we brings our stellar visual sense and knack for engaging an audience to creating stellar content for brands' digital marketing and social media. For heartfelt wedding videos that will be treasured for years and strategic online content that delivers measurable results, Vibes and Vids is the go-to studio for marrying creative vision with production excellence.


Tell the tale of a couple's magical union through intimate portraits and cinematic sequences that weave together laughter, tears, and dance into a visual ode to lifelong love. BOREHAM HOUSE CHELMSFORD



I had the honor of capturing Varsha and Vibish's beautiful Tamil wedding at the East Ham Hindu Temple in London last summer. From the moment I met this fun-loving couple, we hit it off instantly.

The celebrations showcased rich Tamil traditions, from the intimate wedding ceremony to the vibrant wedding reception. As their wedding photographer, I loved witnessing and documenting all the colorful moments - the beaming smiles during the couple shoot, the emotional family portraits.

The love and warmth that Varsha and Vibish share with each other and their loved ones was evident throughout the celebrations. Covering their Tamil matrimony and celebrations with friends and family was an absolute delight!


What an incredible night celebrating Ragini and Rajesh's 20th wedding anniversary! 🥳 As their photographer, I was honoured to capture all the joy, laughter, and dance moves at their epic party at City Pavillion in London.

From the minute the dance floor opened, it was nonstop fun and energy all night long. Ragini was dazzling in her anniversary gown, twirling with joy as Rajesh held her close during their romantic first dance. Their friends and family joined in, grooving to the DJ's perfect mix of songs new and old.

I tried my best to document every fun candid moment - from the champagne toasts to the anniversary cake cutting to the crazy dance circle that formed later in the night. emories on this special milestone.


—Gabriel S.


Manu and her team are the most incredible people and have captured the best photos of our wedding and reception. We will truly cherish these pictures forever and ever and we're so thankful to Manu and team for being with us through the whole thing.

They were all so incredibly patient, ensured that everyone felt comfortable and even did things like adjusting my dupatta for the reception and inviting us to come to her home to help us freshen up.

I cannot recommend Manu and team enough. I consider her a lifelong friend now, and she will definitely not disappoint on your big day.

Thank you Manu, you're awesome ❤️

Varsha & Vibish


Myself and my partner got married this summer and Manu Singh and her crew were our official photographers and videographers. I must say that the work ethic of the team led by Manu is exceptional and they are highly skilled in their profession with the knack of capturing the best moments of the wedding. Her good quality photos, high resolution drone photography and videography truly captured the heart of the wedding. Highly recommend Manu and her crew for any events.

Mohi & Niraj


Manu... I literally just finished skimming through the wedding video.... promised Naz we'll watch them together but I couldn't hold back. You didn't only pour your heart and soul, it's everything and more. The little touches, the looks, the raw emotions. I cried my eyes out watching my parents interviews. I didn't even know you were going to record these and include them. So so so emotional. My god Manu what have you done.

Pushpa Hossain Hossain: i'm not saying this to leave a review. You have captured the essence of us as a couple. You've captured our families, our love, our joy...everything. I've always seen pictures and videos as talismans against time, hence my craze of taking pictures of everything nice and beautiful i encounter. Only few people understand and recognize this. You are one of the very very very few who understood.

From the first day we spoke, we clicked and I knew I could trust you full-heartedly. I was not mistaken. You captured all the hard work we've put in in such a short period of time. All the hassle our friends and family had gone through to travel all this distance to be with us... and the love and care they carry for us.

I'm not even overlooking the fact that you have delivered way beyond our contracted deliverables. I don't know how will I ever repay the hardwork you and your team have put behind this. Even more so you and your vision for the day.

May god bless you Manu and fill your heart with the joy and happiness you spread around wherever you go.

Pushpa & Naz